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Dissociative Identity Disorder

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Experts and professionals agree that DID is a response to extreme, repetitive, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse and/or neglect that enables a child to survive and continue to function. It is characterized by a disconnect between a person’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

I was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder formerly known as multiple personality in 1993. It was a hard diagnosis to accept although it also validated what I had been experiencing both at the same time. There was such a stigma back then and the movie Sybil sensationalized the disorder and did many people who have it such an injustice. I had weekly therapy with a therapist who was familiar with DID. First I dealt with the physical abuse, then the sexual abuse and then some of the ritual abuse. For the past 5 years I have remembered the mind control as well. I no longer identify with having a disorder but realize the brilliant, and complex survival response it is to having had repeated trauma as a child. It was a way to cope with the overwhelming terror of being abused by people who had control and power over me.

For diagnosing and insurance purposes DID is listed as a mental illness. My opinion is that "Our brain was created by God for survival with the ability to split or fragment into other identities to protect us when no one else did. I believe that DID is more of a maladaptive behavioral response than a disorder or mental illness."

I have come to look at DID dialectically where two perceptions are true at the same time… DID is a marvelously brilliant survival mechanism that saves a child by allowing them to escape overwhelming horror that a child is incapable of tolerating AND in the present interferes and effects daily life with PTSD, triggers, anxiety, depression and maladaptive behaviors. It can lead to addictions, self harm and unfortunately for some, even suicide. For me it was important to realize that even though I have DID it didn't mean that I was crazy or mentally ill. What was done to me and many others with the response was insane.

Do you have Dissociative Identity Disorder? Whether you suspect that you do, or have been diagnosed by a professional, you are not alone. Up to 2% of the population is thought to have it since abuse is underreported and some people never tell anyone. You are not your abuse or the label of your disorder. You are a human being created by God who survived horrendous abuse and your life matters.

Research Shows People With Dissociation Experience Higher Rates of Self-harm and Suicide

than the general population. Those with RA/MC (ritual abuse and mind control) experience these dangerous symptoms more often than those who have not. Many of the symptoms of DID reflect subconscious or conscious attempts to keep painful emotions and trauma memories out of a person's awareness. Flashbacks of dissociated memories and emotions can cause overwhelming feelings that cause a person to self-harm and "conditioned suicide programming" can be set off when a person is associating the things that were conditioned to not remember. Times of stress can also worsen the symptoms of dissociative identity response, making the person at a higher risk of these harmful behaviors. My prayer is that those with Dissociative Identity Disorder have complete recovery and come to know the value and worth that they have as a human being created by God. I advocate for myself and others and support those who have had all types of abuse and trauma. #dissociativeidentitydisorder #DID #multiplepersonality

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