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In Black and White With Evidence

Recently I used a third party service to bundle a flight, reserve a car rental and pay for 2 checked bags to go to Orlando, FL for my husband and I to go speak at The Healing Together conference put on by An Infinite Mind for people with DID. I trusted this company to do on their end what I paid them to do. I took a screen shot of the invoice that came up on my smartphone after the transaction was made. You never know when you are going to need to show proof of payment, you know? The next day I checked my email regarding my flight information and it showed the itinerary, but I noticed there wasn't anything in black and white listed about the 2 bags. I called Priceline and mentioned what I found. They reassured me that once I got to the airport, Frontier airlines would have all the information and I was all set. I arrived at the airport 2 hours early. Once I got to the receptionist, I confidently handed her my drivers license and she looked at me and said that there was no record of any luggage being paid for; only the flight. Even though I showed her the screen shot of the invoice in black and white to show her evidence that I had paid, it was not proof enough. They said that the third party that I went through would have to push the information to them because it had to be in their system before they could let our baggage go through. I was on the phone for over an hour and was getting in danger of missing my flight if I didn't get this taken care of soon. The agent from Priceline was having to talk with Frontier airlines in a chat while on the line with me because they do not have a phone number that you can call for customer service. I felt torn between the agent on the phone who was taking so long and the receptionist behind the baggage counter who I pictured in my mind was strumming her long red nails on the counter in front of me as I sat on the stiff rigid chairs in the large lobby. All the while the neon lights that read "You're Going to Miss Your Flight" were flashing in my mind as I finally made a decision just to pay the exorbitant price for our 2 bags to have a one way ticket. Not to mention I would have to pay again to have the bags return with us. I was literally at the mercy of these two women as to whether I was going to have to pay full price and miss my flight if things didn't happen soon.

After much prayer, I finally stood up while still on the phone feeling very angry and frustrated as I knew we still needed to get through security and get through to the other side of the airport to the gate. When my husband and I approached the Frontier airlines counter, the woman looked again at her screen and said that it still wasn't in the system and urgently said, "You're going to miss your flight if you don't go soon." Then she quickly grabbed the bags from my husband as he put them on the spot where the scale is and said, "As a courtesy, I'm going to let these go through". What an answer to prayer.

During this whole experience I realized I was triggered back to what it was like when I was an adult talking about my sexual abuse after remembering that I had abused. My family wanted proof. One of my sisters even used a bible verse to say that you need to have at least two or three witnesses. Sexual abuse is usually done in secret although with the other abuse it was done in groups, but is anyone likely going to disclose any of what happened in those gatherings? Probably not. Much of the time people respond by wanting proof or evidence when someone mentions they are a survivor of ritual abuse and mind control because they don't want to believe that it really exists and even if you have proof in black and white (like the declassified documents of the CIA's involvement that are there for public viewing) similar to the screen shot on my phone of the Priceline invoice that still isn't enough proof of the truth. I did prepay for my bags. I had proof but that wasn't enough. I really did have ritual abuse and mind control and it is enough that I know even if no one else believes me or wants to believe this type of thing really exists.

I did end up having to pay for the baggage checks at full price for the return flight, but thankfully even though Priceline had initially charged me $144 to pay for bags, somehow the credit card company hadn't. I still wonder how this all happened, (probably human error), but just like with the ritual abuse and mind control, I may never know how these people who did evil were able to infiltrate the school and the church that I went to as a child while at the same time I was being abused at home. I have much more important things to do; like recovery and helping others in their journey to heal. But I do know this; the truth sets you free and I know the truth about my abuse.

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