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First a wife, mother and Nana, then a survivor of ritual abuse, mind control, sex trafficking. I'm a blogger, website creator of, Youtube Channel Content Creator and voice on Tiktok. The purpose of this website and my life is to raise awareness of RA/MC and the link there is between ritualistic abuse, mind control and sex trafficking having multi-generational familial origins, to speak out for those who can't speak for themselves and offer encouragement to survivors of all types of trauma. The goal of all that I do is to offer support and share the love of Jesus giving hope to survivors and helping those still caught in or trying to escape from these organized criminal cultic groups and trafficking. I love driving my golfcart in the summer, enjoy the outdoors, sunny days, flowers, and living mindfully and wholeheartedly as possible learning to thrive with dissociative identity response.

Sharri Burggraaf



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