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About Me

My name is Sharri Burggraaf. I am a survivor of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, domestic violence, and RA/MC (Ritual Abuse and Mind Control) which is a documented reality for far too many. I'm also an example for other survivors that a person can go through anything and come out on the other side of the darkness. The podcast Arise and Shine gives hope and experiential learning to other survivors, braving and paving the way for others to find their me. I have gone from a victim, to survivor, to learning how to thrive with the goal of living life more wholeheartedly with Dissociative Identity Response. First diagnosed in the early 1990’s, with what I say is not a disorder but the body’s amazing response to trauma, I began recovery and helped other survivors along the way. I started a non profit organization titled S.H.O.U.T. for Help (Survivors Helping Others Unite Together) and put together a National 3 day Conference in 1994 in Des Moines, IA. After a break in my recovery, I then came back more dedicated than ever to do what it takes to heal. As passionate as I am about my own healing, I have a desire and love to speak out for those who can’t yet speak for themselves. I now shine more brightly because I have had much freedom from the captivity I was born into and advocate for others to do the same while continuing my own recovery. 

I believe all women & men can recover from trauma, embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world when they know their worth as a human being.

I am dedicated to advocating for myself and other survivors of abuse, supporting their journey from victimhood to survivorship, and empowering them to thrive despite the challenges of dissociative identity response. My mission is to provide hope, valuable resources, and vital information for recovery. I firmly believe in amplifying the voices of those who are unable to speak for themselves, aiding survivors in finding their own voice, power and strength. By raising awareness about various forms of abuse, I aim to shine a light on the pervasive issue of human labor and sex trafficking. While I acknowledge that I cannot single-handedly rescue anyone trapped in this modern-day slavery, I am committed to collaborating with individuals and organizations already making a difference. Together, we can be beacons of hope for those still ensnared in these, unimaginable, dark, circumstances. Remember, if I could get free, so can you!

Our Mission
Our Vision
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Our Vision

Our vision is to stand firm against the injustices of all types of abuse, including ritual abuse, mind control and human labor and sex trafficking, offering hope and reminding survivors that they are not alone. While I am just one person, through collaboration and resources we join forces with others who share this vision and are already making a difference.  No human being should ever be abused, dehumanized, or used as a commodity for sale. By empowering survivors, showing them that freedom is possible, we brave and pave the way for them to rise and shine. Even a single match can ignite a forest fire of transformation.

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