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Petals of a Rose Film  
by Dylan Crumpler
An Accurate Portrayal of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dylan Crumpler produced and created a film as his college thesis titled "Petals of a Rose" based on the life in a day of a woman who has DID after discovering that his mother Holly had DID. In my opinion, this film is the most accurate portrayal of Dissociative Identity Disorder I have ever seenRead my review of the film below and then go directly to "Petals of a Rose' by clicking the red button. 

petals of a rose.png

Dylan Crumpler's film "Petals of a Rose" was shown at An Infinite Mind's Healing Together Conference in February of 2023. I'm glad I was able to view the full version prior to attending the session where the redacted version of the film was shown.  Hollywood has done such a disservice to the DID community by sensationalizing the condition as psychotic and dangerous.  His film is a masterpiece that accurately depicts dissociative identity in the most creative way. I think he more than achieved his goal of wanting to realistically depict a day in the life of a woman with DID since this response has often been inaccurately and negatively portrayed in film and television.  The actors who starred in the short film did such a marvelous job from start to finish first with the scene in the grocery store showing the child part coming out wanting the teddy bear to Axel snapping at the grocery store clerk to Super Woman who selects the meat at the counter and helps Rose to function each day. Even though the intimate scene between Rose and her boyfriend Jeremy depicts her flashing back to being sexually abused, Dylan and Holly are still very sensitive to the audience who may very well be a survivor themselves. The scene between Rose and her boyfriend Jeremy in her bedroom pictures what it is like to feel the child who was abused, followed by the protector part who still doesn't know that it's safe, to jumping out of the bed where the conversation between Axel and Rose ensues to include a beautiful grounding technique where Rose reminds everyone that this is 2022 and they are safe with Jeremy, and grandpa is dead. Super Woman's explanation of DID using the pie is a brilliant way to describe the beautiful coping mechanism. This film can be used to share what dissociative identity is for a survivor and for clinicians as well as supporters. I like the title that was picked. Petals of a Rose. A rose is a beautiful flower and dissociation is a beautiful coping response as is each person beautiful or fearfully and wonderfully created by God just like a flower. The petals describe pieces of an original which is what DID is. Fragmented identities of a whole person.  
I highly recommend this film. 
We are hoping that Dylan will perhaps have a sequel?
Check out Dylan's website at


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