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Speaker Presentation 
Healing Together February 2024

Rising Above Illusions: Decoding Ongoing Contact - Demything Perpetrator Group's Power in RA/MCOA

Speaker Presentation
Healing Together February 2023

Sharri Shines: Getting on the Other Side of the Darkness
After Ritual Abuse and Mind Control 

Sharri speaks out about all types of abuse and more specifically about ritual abuse, mind control, and trafficking and the link there is between familial multi-generational abuse and trafficking. 
Watch the Sharri Shines Presentation Video Below: 

Feedback From Presentation

"Emotionally hard in parts, but perfect. Thank you for your transparency, honesty, and sharing. "


"Insightful and inspiring" "I'm so grateful for these insights and the message of hope. So helpful to hear the concrete steps she took towards healing that she outlined in the latter part of the presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your story. "


"What an extremely powerful, courageous, and meaningful presentation! As a singleton therapist working with survivors with DID, I was extremely moved. Thank you, thank you. 

"As a fellow survivor I found Sharri's openness, sense of humor, kindness and gentleness helped me receive well what she said. I'm grateful to have learned new ways to heal. In many ways a survivor is most knowledgeable about the things lived through and survived. Thank you Sharri."


"I know so many of us (I’ll just speak for myself) struggle with spirituality, God, Jesus just in general and I can see how that struggle would become worse having had the speaker’s experiences. I’m so glad the speaker found so many paths to healing. "


"thank you such bravery"


"Amazingly courageous!!"


"Toughest session to digest but much needed. Loved that speakers presented trauma stuff but kept focus on hope and healing. "


"This was well done and I will be watching it again. I would recommend that you don’t put this as the last session of the conference. Both the depth (which was very appropriate) and content would have benefited from a time frame where we were fresher and then had the time to engage the material with others in attendance over a meal or break.  


"I think Sharri and her husband did a very good job at describing the process of healing from abuse of any kind, in her case, ritual abuse. Frank was a role model for other spouses of people with DID. Sharri was honest about her failings and able to relate them to all of us in the room. Yay Sharri!"


"Amen!!! Thank you for the words and acknowledgement that I am human with rights equal to all of mankind."


"Amazing! Terrifying! And Eye and tears opening. This is a hard, really hard subject - it took bravery, grace and guts to speak on it. So thank for being that person who isn’t afraid to tackle the tough stuff."


"Thank you for your bravery and for hope for healing for those of us not as far along this path as you are "


"Very helpful to see others able to come forward and talk honestly. So courageous and so powerful as a role model for handling this kind of awareness in the “real” world around us. And, the disconnect between what we know and what we see around us outside is so central to the denial; having this shown openly in “normal” world is amazing!"


"I like how the speaker talked about the benefits of daily self-check in's with all of your individuals. How she talked about showing appreciation and gratitude for all your individuals and thanking them each day for the tasks that they carried out that day and applauding them for there daily efforts. I liked how the speaker talked about seeing the good with challenging alters" 


"I’ve grown tired in this conference of speakers belaboring the praise of their spouses. I’ve never heard the idea ‘I’d never have healed/survived without my husband’ repeated so many times. It sends a not so subtle message that that is the only way to heal. I’m sick of it. " ":)"

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