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Enjoying the Nature
Enjoying the Nature

Breaking Free
Regaining Your Own Power and Freedom

Breaking free of the captivity of ritual abuse, mind control and sex trafficking takes a high level of monitoring and a resolve and cooperation of our internal identities but I and many others are living proof that it can be done. Breaking all contact with abusers and groups is hard but worth the effort it takes to gain liberation. The steps it takes to break the programming, conditioning, and to ensure that no part of the survivor is being re-accessed, re-programmed is a challenge but each person is worth the fight it takes to break free. Breaking trauma bonds, becoming loyal to yourself first, going through intense flashbacks, connecting with dissociative identities and seeking therapy and finding ways to ground are all important during recovery.  

To have external safety takes internal nurturing and communication. If not everyone is on board with safeguarding yourself there may still be parts who self-sabotage, are still contacting the group or undermine your efforts. Agreeing on a plan of action and letting everyone inside know why you are doing what you are doing takes time and effort to reassure any parts who are afraid of going against the rules of conditioning. I let my identities know that we were older, wiser and that we were safe now and that I would protect them. With persistence and experimenting with different strategies your determination to break free from abuse and slavery can shorten the time it takes to have freedom. Breakthroughs will occur and your progress leads to milestones that accelerates your recovery.  

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Tactics Perpetrators Use
Mock Scenarios
What Does Programming Feel Like?

What Sets Off Programming?


Resources and Tools to Break Free and Have Safety 

Use these resources to take steps toward your safety with a crisis prevention plan, and resources to monitor yourself (with the help of a trusted support person) to ensure that you don't have any part that is contacting perpetrators or group. You can take steps to ensure that a part of you is not being re-accessed or re-programmed without your knowledge. 
Resources to Ensure that there is no Cult Active Part 
Safety and Crisis Prevention Plan
Mental Health Directive

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